Robert Hochstadt, Steven Levey, and Brian Friedman of GHPIA are innovators within the financial services industry who offer clients the best of all worlds through a company that is large enough to provide comprehensive services, and small enough to care for their clients as friends.

GHPIA At a Glance
Founded in 1996, based in Denver, Colorado | History of Our Team
Provide comprehensive wealth management services — designed to protect and enhance life wealth
Manage portfolios using primarily stocks, bonds, REITs, mutual and exchange-traded funds
Offer fee-only services based on assets under management, and bundled services including Financial Planning; Managed Professional Services; Personal Home Office; and Business Advisory Services
Target individuals, business owners or executives with anywhere from $300,000 to $20 million in liquid assets with moderate risk tolerance
Part of The GHP Financial Group, and affiliated with one of Colorado's largest accounting firms

Welcome to GHP Investment Advisors
Where Comprehensive Wealth Management Begins

Letter From Our President, Brian Friedman

Brian Friedman

Your life, your investments — they are intertwined. Yet all too often, wealth management firms fail to look at the whole picture and all the financial issues that each of us will inevitably face during our lifetime. GHP Investment Advisors (GHPIA)is different. We are a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm that offers comprehensive, integrated wealth management services. That means we place your interests first, and objectively identify the proper investments to suit your needs. We don’t receive any commissions for selling financial products, investments, or insurance.

At GHPIA, we focus on ‘total wealth’ creation for our clients, not just one aspect of it. We like to call it ‘life wealth.’ We provide personalized, customized services, yet without the typically high costs of large brokerage firms.  Our focus is on individuals, small businesses, and executives. We divide our services into four areas:

As a member of The GHP Financial Group, we are affiliated with one of Colorado’s largest accounting firms, GHP Horwath, P.C., and are able to leverage a wide variety of accounting, tax, financial, and business advisory expertise. They are down the hall from us, so whenever it makes sense, we can tap their objectivity as well as their quantitative and analytical skills.

Depending on the situation, we may call on other professionals within The GHP Financial Group to contribute their ideas and expertise, leverage our network of outside experts (CPAs, attorneys, insurance brokers), or work with your current professionals. These individuals are critical to the wealth management process and to our team approach. We think this is what makes us different, along with the high level of customer service we provide. Like our exclusive Financial Concierge Services where we roll-up our sleeves and pitch in — helping you fill out financial forms, hunt down appropriate documents, or just jump in when life throws you a curve.

So you see, we really do focus on life wealth, which is why we urge you to find the right team to help formulate and execute this important strategy. A team that offers the expertise, integrity, and objectivity you can trust. One that gets your life, and can help you enhance it. GHPIA is that team.

Brian J. Friedman