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GHP Global Markets is the foreign stock portfolio management boutique of GHP Investment Advisors, Inc., a wealth management firm in Denver, Colorado. Our goal is long-term wealth creation rather than short-term trading profits. While our approach is often called “Value” investing – i.e. searching for undervalued companies in the marketplace – we believe country analysis and company analysis are equally important.

Our emphasis at GHP Global Markets is on countries where the legal and regulatory framework is improving over time. Our portfolio strategies encompass developed countries, as well as emerging markets and, are designed to fit the needs of affluent families, investment advisors, and certain institutional investors.

GHP Global Markets Latest Topic:

2018 Q1 – The Law Deficit


Past Topics

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2017 Q3 – Economic Strength in Germany Implies Rising Interest Rates for Us
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2017 Q1 – Foreign Stocks: From Dogs to Darlings?
2016 Q4 – Our Economic Relationship with Mexico
2016 Q3 – Developing Country Chaos Climaxing
2016 Q2 – Brexit
2016 Q1 – Global Stock Markets Lag the United States… but are Inexpensive
2015 Q4 – Global Complexity Requires a Strong Analytical Framework
2015 Q3 – How Overbuilt is China
2015 Q2 – Structural Reform and the Future of Europe
2015 Q1 – Structural Reform and Institutional Convergence in Europe
2014 Q4 – Is International Diversification Still Worthwhile?
2014 Q3 – A World of Opportunity
2014 Q2 – Political Upheaval in India May Reignite the Economy
2014 Q1 – China : 35 Years of Rapid Growth… How Many More?
2013 Q4 – Three Waves of Global Financial Crisis
2013 Q3 – Capital and Crisis in Europe
2013 Q2 – Can China Avoid the “Middle Income Curse”
2013 Q1 – Long-Term Drivers of Global Prosperity Remain Intact – Despite Current Pessimism
2012 Q4 – Europe: Private Sector Strength vs. Public Sector Weakness
2012 Q3 – My Euro Crisis Travelogue
2012 Q2 – The Mexican Presidential Election: Reform or Business as Usual?

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