Diverse Experience – All Under One Roof

To understand who we are and what makes us different, we think you need to get to know us. Here is our story, as told by Brian Friedman, GHP Investment Advisors (GHPIA) President.

“It was the mid-1980s, and CPAs Robert Hochstadt and Steven Levey had been offering comprehensive financial plans for their clients for years. Their firm, Gelfond Hochstadt Pangburn, P.C., now called GHP Horwath, P.C., had become one of the first accounting firms nationally to have a stand-alone financial planning division. Bob encouraged long-time friend and partner Steve to get accredited in all aspects of financial planning. Steve became one of the first CPAs in the U.S. to earn a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation, and not long after that, Bob earned his PFS. While both had earned national recognition with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and had clients around the world, they did not like relying on commission-based stockbrokers to implement the investment portion of the plan. This is where I came in.

As a CFA charter holder with extensive experience in investment management and economic research, I was looking to combine my experience with a quality CPA firm. I had just read a Forbes Magazine article that featured Steve, and the firm of Gelfond Hochstadt Pangburn, P.C. and realized that I  knew Bob — he was a good friend of my father’s and I knew his oldest son growing up in Denver. I sought out Bob, and discovered that he and Steve had recently formed GHPIA and were ready to take it to the next level. All three of us were already thinking about the opportunity to create a comprehensive wealth management firm — so the timing could not have been more perfect. GHP had been offering financial planning services to its clients for years, so it had a decided advantage when CPA firms were allowed to also offer investment management services in the mid-1990s. I joined GHPIA in 1999 with Bob, Steve, and other GHP Horwath directors as my partners. The rest is history, or rather, history in the making.” — Brian