“We offer a proactive, holistic approach toward managing your investment portfolio.”

Carin Wagner, Wealth Management Advisor at GHPIA

“Some of our asset management clients have their taxes done with GHP Horwath, and many of them are eligible to receive an annual reimbursement allowance to help offset the cost of tax preparation services. It’s not insignificant. I’m literally just down the hall from the tax professionals at GHP Horwath — so I routinely consult with them. Clients really do get very integrated services.”

Brian Friedman, GHPIA President

A Thorough Process, A Smart Fee Structure

Buy your first home or your second. Send the kids to college. Buy or sell a business. Retire early. Travel the world. Or stay put and live well — very well. And leave a lasting legacy. Whatever your goals are, we work to help get you there, or just keep you there with our wealth strategies, and distinctive investment philosophy. Call us today to set up an initial consultation, and get started on your wealth journey with GHP Investment Advisors (GHPIA) at your side.

Our Process Learn about our process — the detailed questionnaire, the information-gathering meeting, the report back session. Fee StructureLearn about our asset management fees, reimbursement allowance programs– which eligible clients may use to help offset the cost of professional services such as financial planning, managed professional services, personal home office and business advisory services.