“We think of ourselves as a boutique firm — I flew, along with Carin, to a client’s home in Southern Colorado to help her go through her late husband’s files and get things in order. It is just what we do. We helped transfer all of the accounts, worked with the lawyer, and got the paperwork done.”

Sommer Vincent, GHPIA Client Relations Manager

Financial Concierge Services–
Managing Your Wealth and Your Time

WHAT IF I don’t have enough hours in the day to manage my finances?” Your taxes. Your estate. Your insurance needs. All are important issues that must be planned for and managed in the same way that you manage your other investments.

We understand this. We also understand your time is valuable. That is why, as part of our regular asset management fees, our Financial Concierge associates can help you with a wide range of services, including:

  • Complete asset transfer paperwork
  • Coordination with brokerage firms
  • Analysis of financial documents
  • Tracking down lost stock certificates
  • Management and automation of recurring transactions
  • Proxy voting on your behalf
  • Coordination and advice on charitable contributions

Think of our Financial Concierge as your personal financial assistant — relieving you of the everyday burden of matters ranging from basic financial housekeeping to high-level financial work.


Managed Services – Above and Beyond
We can coordinate many issues involving other financial institutions and professionals. In fact, with our Professional Services Reimbursement Allowance (PSRA), the cost for many of these services may be already covered or offset by your fees to GHPIA. Of course, GHPIA cannot pay service fees to any provider who does not comply with appropriate legal or regulatory requirements. Please visit our fee structure to learn more.

Those services that do not fall within our fee structure can be managed under a fee-for-service basis. These managed services can include:

  • Bookkeeping – personal or business
  • Income tax planning and preparation
  • Estate planning and management
  • Insurance
  • Insurance claims & medical risks
  • Real estate transactions
  • Electronic document security and storage

GHPIA Professional Network – Finding Help When You Need It
As part of our value-add to our clients, we maintain the GHPIA Professional Network, which you can access if you need to replace or add someone to your team. In our Network, we have relationships with leading CPA firms, attorneys, business advisors, insurance agents, consultants, bankers, M&A experts and real estate professionals.

A key resource in our Network is our affiliation with GHP Horwath, P.C., a member of The GHP Financial Group. Through GHP Horwath, we can offer comprehensive income tax planning and tax return preparation. Many of our current clients use GHP Horwath, which, like GHPIA, offers a comprehensive business advisory approach to serving its clients. And best of all, they are just down the hall from us, so a quick consultation on a particular issue can take place at a moment’s notice. If you already have an established relationship, we will work directly with your existing accountant.